Legal Tech

Legal Tech

Technologies such as cloud-based solutions, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, big data, the predictive analysis are bringing rapid growth for legal firms. Firms are using tech innovation like process automation, smart contracts, decision support tools, SaaS products.

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Chatbot and Voice Bot

In today’s world every second count when it comes to client communication. To keep up with it we provide affordable AI-enabled chat and voice bots. For a consultation, FAQ’s, legal services. You can simply reduce more than 60% of your workload using bot service.

Document Process Automation

As time is being more precious it’s the best way to get things automated, We at xeroeta technologies help the law firm to reduce the paperwork and move one step close to digital transformation by automating the document process.

Lead Generation Automation

Every prospect/lead matters, We at xeroeta technologies help you to get to know your client batter from all the resources possible like all social media sites. For legal we at xeroeta technologies help you to lead generation automation for immigration, traffic ticket, intellectual property, civil litigation, worker comp, medical malpractice, wrongful death, arrest, DWI, family law - divorce, accident, accident, criminal law.

Lead Nourishment Process Automation

We help you to build applications to legal content management, email automation, lead verification, call to action, social media automation, lead extractions, optimizing your content for search engines, create lead magnets, offer value on a linkedIn newsfeed, and facebook groups.

Saas Product

We help to build data visualization, case management, matter management, document automation, legal billing, client accounting process automation, legal billing, and calendaring, mobile app.

Marketing Process Automation

Maintaining communication with clients at all the touchpoints is the key to the legal industry and specifical SMB. There are so many platforms to communicate with them but so many come with “?”. We here at xeroeta solve the “?” by giving AI-based automation solutions. We help clients to automate marketing activities like content & website management, automate email marketing, client segmentation by giving analytical dashboards, social media including real-time content generation, to manage your social media communication, and last but not least digital advertising automation.

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