Retail Tech

Retail Tech

The retail industry is highly competitive with increasing pressure from online competitors. Leading retailers know that customer experience and streamlined operations are key to their success. Companies are using process automation and AI for a number of scenarios including assortment optimization, product recommendations, fraud detection, customer retention, and optimized marketing

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Voice and Chatbot

Text or voice-based conversational assistants are essential while building a system of engagement tools that target customer care, marketing dept, sales dept. We have expertise in building conversational assistants for sales tech products leveraging deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) libraries & services.
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Legacy Migration

We can help you write new applications and extensions for the cloud using DevOps and do it based on a microservices architecture for greater consumability and extensibility — so your new apps can give you more value.

Analytics Dashboards

We take your data as raw material and make a structured to clearly see its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your business.
In analytics, the role of DevOps or AnalyticsOps is to provide an environment where building, validating, deploying, and running analytics models on live business data happen quickly, repeatedly, and presumably.

Marketing Automation

Make a personalized and automated communication with particular customers using their profiles developed on the basis of their previous transactions as well as behavioral data.

Process Automation

To enhance user support, decrease delivery risk, and multi-task support, we can help you to reduce repetitive work like bill generation, customer complaint management, loyalty scheme management, customer engagement, customer care, inventory management by implementing process automation.

Contact Center Automation

Due to e-Commerce retail sector is changing every minute, We at xeroeta technologies help you to cope up with it by giving you automation services like sales funnel, CRM, HR services, product promotion, supply chain management, ERP, sales, and marketing automation.

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