Legacy System Migration

Legacy System Migration

We not only offer legacy system migration services for your existing system but also add value by reviewing and incorporating any changes required in the software to make it more efficient.

Our legacy software migration experts can help you select the right technology for modernizing legacy systems. We take a detailed look at your existing system and code irrespective of the technology you use and prepare a complete feature list before we move forward, in the absence of any previous documentation of the system.

Our Skills/Expertise for this Service


Product Augmentation

Enhance your product with features and services like voice/text chatbot, intelligent process automation, or any other features and services.

Product Modernization

Xeroeta Technologies offer intelligent process automation, technology upgrade, architecture transformation, cloud enablement (migrate your existing on-premise applications to any of the cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform), and analysis (machine learning, predictive analytics, business visualization).

Cloud Migration

Our expert’s team takes advantage of big data and makes sure that your data and software migration process goes seamlessly and safely through integration on your new cloud infrastructure. We have experience working with Amazon Web Service, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and on-premises cloud solutions. We provide consultation as well as implementation services.

How we Engage with a client

  • NDA.jpg
    We understand the value of your innovative ideas and confidential information, that is why our first step is to sign the NDA to assure that your idea, concept, knowledge, information, and data is completely secure with us.
  • Requriment_Analysis.jpg
    Requirements Analysis
    In this stage, we define your expectations toward a product/project that is to be built or modified. By Eliciting, modeling, Review, and retrospective.
  • Implemention.jpg
    The project/product development model is made with such accuracy to the technology, specification, and process.
  • Elimination.jpg
    Scope Identification of Integration and Elimination
    In the second step we understand the scope of the elimination or integration efforts like data conversion, user impacts, and any user system conversion required.
  • Production Closeout.jpg
    Project/Production Closeout
    After development, staff transition, system elimination, procedures for the authorized retrieval, restoration of legacy configurable items, historical data, successful testing, and building manual. We handover product/project to your team or customer.
  • Product Sustenance.jpg
    Product Sustenance
    We believe in building long-lasting relations with our clients. After handover the product, we also provide optimization, maintenance & support.

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