Product Engineering

Product Engineering

The proliferation of cloud, virtualization, IoT, big data, and software-defined infrastructure have transformed the expectations customers have from products. This includes the approach vendors use to engage with customers, how they innovate, the pace at which they deploy new products and their operational efficiency. Each facet of product development, testing, and deployment now requires greater scrutiny and inventive disruption.
Xeroeta’s end-to-end software product engineering services combined with deep technical and domain expertise have helped product companies in rapidly delivering feature-rich products within budget and stringent delivery timelines.

Sub Expertise


Microservices Transitioning

Microservice-based architecture gives better scalability, cleaner coding, easier deployments for rapid provisioning with a simplified transition from legacy monoliths.

SaaS Engineering

By leveraging the best of cloud and containers building auto-scalable and competent in achieving your business goals.

Analytics Dashboards

Thanks to artificial intelligence and automation getting your target customer data has become easy and affordable but using an analytical dashboard you can improve results. We help you to build a non-tech dashboard by giving right visualizations, self-service analytics, Simple widget, and real-time data.

Mobile App Chatbot or Chatbot as an App

Enhance your user experience by Build chatbot in an existing mobile app or develop a conversational user interface(UI).

APIs Development

An API strategy and the right API platform are critical to thriving in today's digital economy. We help you in design, build, test, secure, manage, and retire APIs.

FrontEnd Development

We convert your visualization into reality using technology stack like jQuery, React, React Native, JavaScript for frontEnd development.

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