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Xeroeta has the expertise to build saas products and platforms. We help fast-growing SaaS startups and enterprises to build better software products and innovate at scale. Our full-stack engineering services help you navigate challenges and deliver your vision to customers.

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Outsourced Product Development

We help develop SaaS cloud-based web applications with scalable, reliable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions using agile or lean development methodology add on project management solutions like jira and basecamp.


Built and deployed in a rapid cadence by small, dedicated feature teams to a platform that offers easy scale-out and hardware decoupling—provide organizations with greater agility, resilience, and portability across cloud environments.
We at xeroeta help enterprises and ISVs to build new cloud-native applications and modernize legacy applications and infrastructure with cloud-native, micro-services, containers & serverless.


API development changes the definition of data uses to give you more exposure to play with data. It gives developer freedom to enrich and service enhancement as well as customization and flexibility of integration.

Process Automation

Identify the processes best suited for or in need of automation and get started with clicks, not code. We at xeroeta have the expertise to build a SaaS platform for process automation(like bot build, lead automation, ERP automation, SAP automation).
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Chatbot Platform Development

It’s not effective to pay monthly for platforms to use their service with no data backup or privacy guarantee. For many platforms, once you stop using service you will lose your users too. We solve this problem for the marketing agencies or SME’s by building a drag and drop or smart chatbot building platforms.

Platforms and Integrations

Integrating with external services, platforms, and interfaces like Slack, or stripe payment/payment gateway or creating webhook for custom features integration.

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